Monday, February 27, 2012

How do you make a beer float?

I've heard of beer floats before, but never tried one.  Generally, I see them made with Guinness.  I like the idea, but something about that seems like a waste of good stout to me.  Enter Sam Adams Chocolate Bock. I happened across Gary Monterosso's "Artisan Beer" at the library (more on that in another post), and he suggested using this beer for a beer float.  Considering that it tends to have a soy sauce-y aftertaste when drunk on it's own, this idea appealed to me (plus, I didn't have to open a 750 mL bottle, since it's now in 12 oz. bottles, courtesy of the Holiday Pack).

My first try was ice cream first, beer second, clean up the massive amounts of foam third.  Despite the mess, it was quite tasty, bringing out more of the coffee notes in the beer and rounding off some of the harsher flavors (and nary a soy sauce flavor to be found).

Last night was my second try (and last, until next year's Holiday Pack release).  Beer first, ice cream second, minor foam spillover mitigation third.  Much better!

Definitely awesome dessert for adults!

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  1. " Definitely awesome dessert for adults" ( you forgot to mention dogs ;) )